Solar Operations

Industry leading expertise in design, operations, and maintenance for utility scale solar. Our services extend beyond traditional O&M to include critical spare parts sourcing, site restoration services, and reengineering of existing facilities to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Full O&M Service


Tonian provides full, turnkey O&M service with NERC compliant 24/7 monitoring and holistic availability and DC heath guarantees. We have robust experience with the generations of PV equipment and manufacturers and understand the ins and outs of preventative and corrective maintenance.

Additionally, we have the necessary expertise and certifications to perform sophisticated Aerial IR and analyze the collected data to drive actionable insights. We specialize in solving complex owner issues. Where others might turn away, we don't shy away from difficult problems. 

Full O&M Services
  • Availability & DC Health Guarantees
  • 24/7 Operations & Monitoring
  • NERC Compliance Program
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Corrective and Preventative Maintenance
  • Module Washing
  • Vegetation Management
  • Aerial IR
  • Energy Forecasting
  • Alarm Management
  • Outage Coordination
  • Utilities/ Grid/ Transmission Operator Coordinator
  • On Demand Field Technician Dispatch
Complex Owner Issues
  • Underperforming Site Analysis
  • Site Turn-Around Program
  • Site Restoration Services
Advanced Inverter Work
  • Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Underperformance Verification
  • Complex Remediation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Supporting Wind & Solar

Where does Tonian Operate?

We work across the United States and are rapidly expanding into new countries.

How do we contact Tonian?

Reach out to

What sort of O&M do you provide? 

We continue to expand our service offerings and are primarily focused on wind and solar.

Can you support Construction/ EPC efforts?

Let us know your project info and we would love to help!


We are honest & fair

Decrease Downtime

We doggedly review our processes to drive efficiencies

Tech Driven

Due diligence and end-of-warranty inspections


Unbiased Non-OEM O&M

Reduce Costs

More kW per $

Improve Efficiency

Reduce lost energy