Health, Safety, Environmental

To meet our Health, Safety, and Environmental standards, Tonian implement our comprehensive safety management system and compliance playbook on all jobs regardless of scope or size.

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Health & Safety
  • Ensure compliance with all Federal/State/County Health & Safety regulations & standards
  • Implement and maintain a Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Consistent training plans based on the SMS and regulatory requirements
  • Human Performance Improvement Plan reduced human errors that result in incident and injury
  • OSHA Recordable Injury Rates have been below Industry National Averages as reflected in the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (for site self-operations over the past three years)
  • Ensure compliance with all Federal/State/County laws, regulations, and permit requirements
  • Monitor and stay in front of Federal/State laws related to wildlife for MBTA, BGEPA and ESA
  • Implement compliance plans and programs (SPCC, SWPPP, WEAP, etc.)
  • Oversee facility environmental compliance assessments and auditing programs

Certify our employees on the matters of CPR/first aid, correct tower climbing/rescue practice, OSHA standards, and NFPA 70e.

We have a zero-tolerance safety standard.

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